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Pola Zanoni is a creative multidisciplinary Italian studio based in Hong Kong with a focus on interior design projects and bespoke furniture. It has officially opened in 2019 but the idea has been sitting there for quite a while.

The 2 partners are both from Italy and moved to Hong Kong almost 10 years ago. They have been working in the Design industry in Asia since then. After gaining experience in international design studios such as Benoy and HBA, and have been part of important projects and dealing with renowned clients such as Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, they decided to take a further step and open their own independent studio.

Pola Zanoni is mainly focused on hospitality and F&B projects, where they can design incredible spaces and tell stories to their clients. They have been working on a few retail projects as well, especially in the pop-up division, for clients such as Louis Vuitton. They are also following a few residential projects, where they are bringing in inspirations and lifestyle from the luxury hospitality industry, in order to create the perfect sanctuary at home.

Pola Zanoni designs and develops most of their furniture and lighting, personalizing materials and finishes where possible, to convey the perfect project for their very high demanding clients.

They do like to focus on wellness and a sustainable way of living as well, educating their clients on proper material selection and way of using the different aspects and sections of their homes.

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