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Goldseeds Studio (GSS)

Filmmaking, Comic, Animation

GoldSeeds Studio (GSS) is a Multi-Award-Winning creative studio that consists of 5 businesses: Filmmaking, Animation & Comics, Net-TV, VFX, and Souvenirs. To undertake the production of Filmmaking, Animation, and Motion Graphic Design. Usually need a script, plot summary, etc., to calculate how many shots that need to do VFX and animation.

GSS  https://sites.google.com/view/goldseeds/
Whatsapp: (852) 92072382

The quote is based on:

  • Lens type
  • Shooting content
  • Quality requirements

The remuneration will be collected in 3 installments:

  • Deposit 1/3
  • After shooting 1/3
  • After the rough cut 1/3

After the delivery of the film is completed, it will be modified once for free. If you need to modify it, you will be charged as appropriate. For charitable organizations or special projects, the price can be discounted.

Production time: 1 minute / 2 weeks to one month
Cameraman x1 (with photographic equipment) /day $ 4,000
Cameraman Assistant x1/day $2,000
Gaffer (with some lighting equipment) x1 / day $ 3,000
Best Boy x1/day $ 1,800
Boom Operator x 1/day $2,000

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